Longest Vulgar Palindrome

As you probably know, a palindrome reads the same backwards as it does forwards. Computers can generate really long palindromes but they are completely meaningless. For example, this is the current computer record holder (105,302 characters). To create a meaningful one you need to ditch the dictionary and use your creativity. A long time favourite is: “A [...]

Worst CAPTCHA Ever

By definition, CAPTCHA should be easy to read by humans but hard to read by machines. Apparently, they don’t agree with that at D&B: They put CAPTCHA in a plain HTML text, and then put an ugly background below so it can’t be read by humans. I knew corporate developers can be of lower quality, [...]

Delhi Taxi Scam

I thought I was an experienced traveler. But my first night in India proved me completely wrong. Prelude It was 2007 and I took a very nonchalant approach to getting to India. I booked an airplane ticket but decided not to reserve any accommodation. I wanted a real backpacking experience, directly going to cheap hostels [...]

Can you really think rationally?

We know that people are not rational. Humans have emotions and limited little brains. But, is it only a technological challenge that is preventing us to build a completely rational machine? I think it is not just a technological issue and that it is in the very nature of thinking that we need irrationality: When [...]