One of the coolest things about computers are computer competitions. Who will solve the problem in the shortest time? Which solution is the fastest one? Is there a solution with less lines of program code? How can you get the same results using less memory? Here you can find some of the competitions I took part in and had a very nice time.



First competition with really mentionable results was Croatian computer science high-school state competition in 1997. I won 1st place in problem solving and received 1st prize for student project (3D game Prophecy).

Closing ceremony.

Me and my informatics teacher after the competition. We drank 6 bottles of Champagne in 3 minutes..

..with a little help of my class (4.F).



CEOI stands for Central European Olympiad in Informatics held in Nowy Sacz, Poland. Zoran (tall guy in red T-shirt) and I got bronze medals for problem solving.

CEOI team in front of the famous Fatal restaurant in Budapest.

Croatian team won two bronze medals..

..which put us in a good mood on the trip back.



 IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) was held in Capetown, South Africa. In fierce competition of more than 60 teams all over the world our team took two bronze medals again (Ognjen and Zvonomir had more luck this time). And we had a chance to enjoy the summer atmosphere in the middle of December :)

On the arrival. We went from a wintry Zagreb and arrived to a summery Cape Town..

..but our team quickly adopted.

I mean, VERY quickly.