At the end of 1998 I developed the CroJokes web site (with, of course, Croatian jokes). The most interesting thing about it is that it had some kind of self-administration. People were sending their jokes in predefined categories, where people could read and evaluate them. Evaluation was done in a special way: if you had requested a random joke from the database, in order to get the next random joke you just had to give a mark to the current one. With that, cheating was prevented as you could not vote for your joke again and again.

This was the main system for content creation and evaluation (there were lists of top jokes and best jokes in a category). More than 80% of the jokes were added by other people so I had little or no job to do. The next year this web site had received the PCchip magazine award for best web pages in Croatia.

The web site was developed using CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts running on Apache on Solaris OS. As a passionate C++ programmer I used a bit unusual approach -- I wrote all the CGI scripts in C++ using gcc compiler and used my own libraries for HTML creation and data storage. Unfortunately, the website was constantly growing and at one point exceeded disk quota on my student account. Now it is inactive, but don't be surprised if it becomes unavailable. I have finished my studies so somebody will probably delete it eventually.